Keep your Family Safe with Family Jumps

At Family Jumps, we pride ourselves in delivering the best service and supplies to your family. We not only bring out the best in the industry in having fun, but we ensure that all of our products are constantly tested for safety and sanitation. Our products are sanitized multiple times to ensure you experience the cleanest and safest products and you can enjoy your party worry free! Take a look at our Covid 19 sanitization and safety protocols for the extent of safety we dive into to keep your family safe.
Covid 19 Sanitization Protocols
  • All rentals are sanitized before delivery
  • All rentals are sanitized at time of delivery
  • All rentals are sanitized after delivery
  • All drivers practice social distancing
  • All drivers practice proper sanitization protocols
  • All drivers are equipped with facial coverings
  • All units are cleaned of bacteria with anti-bacterial products
Safety Protocols
  • All units are thoroughly inspected before delivery
  • All units are thoroughly inspected after delivery
  • All units are properly secured and fastened
  • Everything is constantly tested for safety

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